Monday, March 14
201: Legislative & Political Developments in Healthcare and Financial Services Reform 
101: Captives-RRGs 101-The Basics of Alternative Risk Transfer
301: Beyond Your Traditional Captive
201: Employee Benefits in Captives- The Tried, Tested, and the Cutting Edge
101: The Answer Is: A Small to Mid-Size Captive
301: The Effect of Solvency II on the Captive Market

Tuesday, March 15
201: RRGs: What's Changing?
301: Use Your Captive to Enhance Capital Management
201: The Realities of Fronting-including the 2011 Fronting Survey
201: Healthcare Reform and Captives: A Match Made in Heaven
301: Utilizing Claims Management Pro-Activity to Boost Operational Performance
301: Taxation Update for Small, Medium and Large Captive Entities
201: Captive Investment Portfolios: Real Solutions for Managing Risk
201: Successful Cell Solutions- Segregated Cells, Incorporated Cells, or Series LLC
201: Strategic Planning for Mature Captives-To Anticipate and Prepare for Inevitable Changes
201: To FASB or to IASB. That is the Question.
201: Predictive Modeling: Guiding Your Captive into the Future
201: Global Captives- Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Regulation