Reprising their session from the CICA 2016 International Conference, speakers will discuss how analytics are becoming a driving force in risk management decisions. Combined with actuarial analysis, analytics are enabling captive owners to make better decisions and take a more comprehensive approach to risk assessment. Speakers will cover how captives can harness the power of quantifying risk and financing a portion of that risk through their captive, and share case study insights from Starwood Hotels & Resorts. 

Thank you to our speakers and everyone who attended CICA's 2016 June Webinar "Bolstering Your Captive's Value Through Analytics". CICA members and all webinar attendees have access to the webinar recording and PowerPoint slides.

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Speaker: Clare Whitlam  
Managing Director,
Marsh Risk & Insurance Services

Speaker: Patricia Dillon Villarreal
Director, Global Risk Finance & Insurance, 
Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Moderator: Tina Summers
Senior Vice President 
Marsh Risk & Insurance Services