Since its initial publication in 2001, more than 1,000 copies of CICA's publication, Captives: An Overview, have been purchased. Ideal for those wanting to find out about captives and for sharing with clients, the booklet covers topics such as reasons a captive is advantageous, learning how to start a captive, and how to run a captive—all in an easy to understand format.

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Table of contents from Captives: An Overview

Introduction 2
What is a captive? 4
Single Parent Captives 4
Association Captives 4
Industry Captives 4
Rent-A-Captive 5
Protected Cell Companies 5
Special Purpose Financial Captives (SPFCs) 5
Special Purpose Captive Insurance Company (SPC) 5
Risk Retention Group (RRGs) 5
History 7
Reasons to form a captive
Some Possible Drawbacks 12
Who should consider a captive?


What needs will the captive address?
Is the parent organization willing to make the necessary commitments?
Are the goals of the captove and the organization focused?
Does the concept of a captive mesh with the overall corporate strategy?
Is there a strong leader?
Setting up a captive
What should be considered when selecting a domicile?
Where to domicile a captive 17
Running the captive 19
What about taxes? 26
Insuring Employee Benefits 32
Convincing Management 40
Captive Terms Appendix
Resource Guide Appendix
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