Montana Domicile Information
CapitalizationCapital & Surplus: Pure captive: $250,000; industrial insured/RRG: $500,000; association: $500,000; protected cell company: $500,000 or $250,000 if the core does not assume any risk from the cells, the risk insured by the cells are homogeneous, and if there are 10 cells or less; reinsurance captive 50% of the capital that would be require for the same type of direct-writing captive; special-purpose captive: an amount determined by the commissioner based on business plan.

Premiums to Surplus: None
Registration & Incorporation ExpensesFees: $200 application fee $300 annual license
Investment Restrictions 
Tax IssuesTaxes: Direct written premiums: 0.4% on first $20 million, 0.3% on each subsequent dollar collected. Reinsurance premiums: 0.225% on the first $20 million, 0.15% on next $20 million, 0.05% on each subsequent dollar of assumed reinsurance premiums. $100,000 cap on annual premium taxes Minimum annual premium tax is $5,000. Minimum tax is prorated in the first year of licensure at $1,250 per quarter licensed.
Applicable ActsLaws:33-28-101 through 33-28-310 MCA. Updated in 2011.
Tax Treaties 
Supervisory JurisdictionSteve Matthews, Captive Coordinator.
Commissioner of Insurance
840 Helena Ave.
Helena, MT 59601
Tel: (406) 444-2040
Reporting Requirements 
Reserve & Underwriting Requirements 
Local Office Requirements 
Estimated Number of Captives114
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NewsBecame a domicile in 2001.