District of Columbia Domicile Information
DomicileDistrict of Columbia
CapitalizationCaptial: $100,000 for all companies. Surplus: $150,000 for pure captive; $300,000 for association (stock) agency, rental; $500,000 association for (mutual) captive

Premiums to Surplus: 3-to-1 for risk retention groups, up to 5-to-1 for other captives.
Registration & Incorporation ExpensesFees: $500 application fee, $300 certification fee, $300 annual renewal fee
Investment RestrictionsAllows cell captives
Tax IssuesTaxes: direct premium captives: 0.250% on first $25 million, 0.015% on next $25, 0.050% thereafter. Assumed premium captives: 0.225% on the first $25 million of premiums, 0.150% on the next $25 million and 0.025% thereafter. Risk retention groups: 0.380% on first $20 million, 0.25% on next $20 million, 0.18% thereafter. $100,000 cap on all premium taxes. Minimum tax $7,500 and $15,000 for captives and risk retention groups, receptively.
Applicable ActsLaws: The Captive Insurance Company Act of 2004; Special Purpose Financial Captive Authorization Amendment Act of 2006; Captive Insurance Company Amendment Act of 2006.
Tax Treaties 
Supervisory JurisdictionDana Sheppard Associate Comissioner
Risk Finance Bureau
810 First St. N.E., Suite 701
Washington, DC 20002
Tel: (202) 442-7820 Fax: (202) 535-1197
Reporting Requirements 
Reserve & Underwriting Requirements 
Local Office Requirements 
Estimated Number of Captives170
Domicile URLhttp://www.disr.washingtondc.gov/disr/cwp/view,a,1300,q,577377,disrNav,|32821|.asp
NewsBecame a domicile in 2000.