Alabama Domicile Information
CapitalizationPure: $250,000 Association:$750,000 Industrial: $500,000 Sponsored: $1 million Reciprocal: $1 million
Registration & Incorporation ExpensesApplication Fee:$200 Initial and annual license fee: $300
Investment RestrictionsAllows Cell Captives.
Tax IssuesReinsurance premium tax: .225% on first $20 million; .150% on next $20 million; .050% on next $20 million; .025% on all premium more than $60 million. No reinsurance tax if premium is subject to Alabama's direct premium tax rates. Minimum annual premium tax of $5,000. Two or more captives under common ownership are taxed as a single entity.
Applicable Acts2008 Alabama Coastal Captive Insurance Company Act
Tax Treaties 
Supervisory JurisdictionSean Duke, financial analyst, Alabama Department of Insurance, 201 Monroe St., Suite 1700
Montgomery, Ala. 36104
Reporting Requirements 
Reserve & Underwriting Requirements 
Local Office Requirements 
Estimated Number of Captives18
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NewsBecame Domicile in 2006