A New Level Of Recognition: The ICCIE Fellow
From: International Center for Captive Insurance Education – Press Release


A New Level Of Recognition: The ICCIE Fellow  

The International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE) is delighted to announce a new benchmark in achievement for the captive insurance industry.   Building upon the Certificate in Captive Insurance (CCI) and the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI), the education program of the captive industry is delighted to announce the highest level of recognition it can bestow: The ICCIE Fellow.

The ICCIE Fellow is a special honor reserved for captive insurance professionals who have achieved and maintained the highest level of educational expertise in the industry – the ACI – and who have also significantly enriched the captive insurance world through service, leadership, scholarship, or other special contributions to the industry.

A select committee of captive insurance professionals will be reviewing completed applications, and we look forward to announcing ICCIE Fellows as they are granted. For more information and directions on how to apply to become an ICCIE Fellow see the ICCIE website: https://iccie.org/iccie-fellow-program/

Doing Your Part To Support Captive Insurance Education
At the beginning of each year ICCIE reaches out to individuals to offer them the opportunity to serve as advisors to ICCIE – to help promote excellence in the captive industry. This can take the form of Board participation, instructing, committee membership (on our Curriculum, Development/Alumni, Finance, or Marketing advisory groups), or just helping to support ICCIE within your organization. If you have an interest in supporting the comprehensive education program of the captive industry, please contact me directly with your specific interest at 802-651-9051 or [email protected]. I would love to discuss such opportunities with you.

In addition to personal involvement, there is also the opportunity to help ICCIE with a tax deductible contribution (ICCIE is a 501c3 non-profit organization). This is a great way to support excellence in the captive industry and receive some recognition for your support. For specific sponsorship opportunities, contact me at the coordinates above. To make an online contribution, of any amount, please use the simple and secure online link: http://iccie.org/sponsorship/pledge-donation-form/

Scholarship Opportunities
Don’t forget that ICCIE – with the help of several supporting organizations – provides several scholarship opportunities. For a complete list of such scholarships and how to apply for them, please see the corresponding page on our website: https://iccie.org/about/scholarships/

Those who recently completed their ACI designations:
Mobin Bhatti and Stephen Huffman receive their ACI diplomas at the Tennessee Captive Insurance Association Annual Conference last November.

The following individuals recently completed the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) professional designation:

  • Jacqui Austin, SRS – Washington DC
  • Mobin Bhatti, Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance – Tennessee
  • Paul Byrne, Schaefer Enterprises – New York
  • Graham Crabtree, Angiuilla Finance Limited – Anguilla
  • Miriam Craig, State of Delaware – Virginia
  • Carl Culmer, The Insurance Commission of the Bahamas – Bahamas
  • Diana Dunkin-Vasquez, Artex Risk – Arizona
  • Annette Hargis, Pinnacle Financial Group – Texas
  • Natalie Howe, State of Delaware – Missouri
  • Stephen Huffman, Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance – Tennessee
  • Patrick Landis, Great American Insurance – Ohio
  • Chris Leavitt, Artex Risk – Arizona
  • Scott Meise, Johnson Controls International – Wisconsin
  • Mara Roberts, WDA Insurance – Wisconsin
  • Lamont Thurston, Risk Matters LLC – Ohio
  • Greg Schaefer, Schaefer Enterprises – New York
  • Holly Wagner, Innovative Captive Strategies – Montana
  • David Wright, Artex Risk – Arizona

For additional information on these or any other matters contact ICCIE’s Executive Director, Mitch Cantor, at 802.651.9051 or [email protected].