From: Captive Insurance Times

Almost one year since its launch, members of the CICA Amplify Women taskforce discuss the progress that has been made but also highlights the challenges that remain

Representing half the world’s population, women often find themselves overlooked in a working environment, however, many sectors and corporations in recent years have been stepping up efforts to address this issue.

In the captive insurance industry, among other initiatives, Amplify Women is a task force that was set up by the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) in August 2019. Although women dominate the insurance industry, there is a dramatic fall in the number of women that hold senior-level roles. The aim of CICA’s Amplify Women is to offer women opportunities for education, networking and influence in the captive insurance industry.

Almost one year on

So what has CICA’s Amplify Women task force achieved since its launch last year?

Member of the task force, Alicia Miller, senior tax accountant at Crowe, said that since the launch, “we have developed a strong and dedicated group with each member supporting our goals as a committee”.

Miller explains that the COVID-19 pandemic altered their plans for the CICA conference – which had to be cancelled earlier this year – but added that they are currently working on developing different ways to connect with the industry during this time.

Anjanette Fowler, director of business development and relationship management at Madison Scottsdale, and CICA’s newly appointed Amplify Women committee chair, says: “We immediately got to work searching for opportunities to shine a spotlight on captive industry women pioneers, as well as newcomers that are already leading us into our future, highlighting their contributions and achievements.” Fowler notes that they have also been focusing on fostering industry award nominations for deserving women in the industry as well as helping facilitate media opportunities to increase their industry visibility.