An Update on Butler University’s Student-Led Captive and MSRI Program
From:, November 27, 2018

Editor’s Note: recently reached out to Zach Finn, clinical professor and director of the Davey Risk Management and Insurance Program at Butler University’s Andre B. Lacy School of Business, for an update on the university’s evolving student-led captive insurance company, which is currently entering its second phase. Mr. Finn also provided insights into the role of captive insurance as a “mainstream” risk management tool, changing attitudes in the insurance industry, and the university’s response to industry changes and challenges.

Moreover, as its latest response to meeting the demands of a changing insurance industry, the university recently developed a new online master of science in risk and insurance (MSRI) program. Mr. Finn’s colleagues, Craig Caldwell, associate dean of graduate and professional programs; Victor Puleo, chair of Davey Risk Management and Insurance; and J.J. DeBrosse, director of graduate and professional recruitment, provided us with information on how the MSRI curriculum was developed.

In October 2017, ran an article titled Butler University Provides a Tailored “Captive” Talent Crisis Solution where Butler undergraduate Derek DeKoning (now graduated and working for M.J. Schuetz Insurance Services, Inc., in Indianapolis) spoke about experiential learning and Butler’s student-led captive insurance company. He described the captive project as a work in motion that will be passed along from outgoing to incoming students. This creates a real-life aspect of positioning students to figure out what do with things that do not always present themselves as black and white.

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