Reprinted with permission from Captive Review, April 2019

Students from three universities celebrated for their work on captive insurance for the recent CICA essay contest set up to help bridge the talent crisis gap.

A lack of emerging talent in captive insurance has long been spoken about between peers. Businesses and captive insurance service providers are now developing their own programmes or looking further afield in a bid to attract the next generation of professionals. Mentorship programmes and professional development courses such as the ones on offer by CICA are viewed as stepping stones for new talent.

During the 2019 CICA International Conference, students from Temple University, St Joseph’s University and Applachian University were announced as finalists in the association’s student essay contest, which was supported by captive manager Strategic Risk Solutions.

Temple’s Angel Song and Alana Vicale were the eventual winners for their essay proposing the creation of a risk retention group (RRG) to help doctors manage their risk exposure and encourage the careful monitoring of opioid prescriptions, helping to reduce the addiction rate.

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