From: Captive Insurance Company Reports (CICR)/IRMI

Editor’s Note: Captive Insurance Company Reports (CICR) had the opportunity to connect with the leadership of the Captive Insurance Company Association (CICA) just prior to their 2021 annual conference. CICA is a leading association for the captive risk and insurance industries. One of their unique distinctions is that, as an association, they are domicile “agnostic”—thereby able to provide perspective, best practices, and updates on current trends without the influence of domiciliary competition and bias.

One of CICA’s leading strategic initiatives is a focus on providing a supportive and inclusive environment to create a diverse and inclusive environment for emerging leaders for the industry’s challenges and opportunities. CICA has stepped out in front in supporting women as they flourish and assume leadership roles. CICA’s Amplify Women embraces and champions that initiative, bringing development and mentorships to the segment of the professional population.

CICA’s Ione Terrio reached out to four rising captive risk and insurance professionals, asking them for their comments and experiences as they are stepping forward and upward to become contributors and drivers of this new next generation of leaders. (Thank you, Ms. Terrio, for your collaboration!) It is a great honor for CICR to introduce these leaders to you, the readers.

Join us in extending our support, recognition, and confidence to these very talented and impactful individuals—emerging leaders for today and tomorrow.

This article was reprinted with the permission of Captive Insurance Company Reports (CICR)/IRMI.