From: Captive Insurance Times

Claire has a tremendous appetite for learning, networking and developing herself and others around her. She has been voracious and diligent in studying and learning the captive industry to expand her own personal knowledge while being highly professional and a quick learner.”

Anne Marie Towle, Hylant Global Captive Solutions

How did you end up in the captive industry?
After my sophomore year at Butler University, I was looking for a change in major. I had some discussions with professors and mentors that pointed me to re-evaluate the risk management and insurance degree that Butler offers. Soon after switching my major, I found that Butler has the first and only student-run captive. While I could not take the captive operations course as a sophomore, a professor took me under his wing and assisted in my exposure to Butler’s captive and the industry. As I kept learning through webinars, ICCIE coursework, and two captive-specific internships, I found myself continuingly drawn to a career touching captives.

What has been your highlight in the captive industry so far?
The people. Every single person I have met thus far in the industry has been so accepting, energising, and passionate about supporting young talent into the industry. This is an industry like no other, that genuinely wants everyone to succeed, competitor or not. The captive industry’s support in the first year of my career has set me up for success and it is an industry in which I am thrilled to continue to work.

What is your impression of the industry?
It is one big, extremely educated, kind, innovative, and fun-loving family. As not many people intentionally go into the insurance (or captive) industry, this career diversity allows for an unmatched level of innovation. The industry fosters the best experiences for captive clients, attributable to the sheer volume of advanced and fruitful collaboration.