From: Captive Insurance Times

Personal Bio: I am from a small town in California called Burbank, which is not too far from the University of South Carolina (USC). Growing up everyone around me, including myself, thought I would grow up to become an attorney or inevitably go to law school because I always had a strong passion for the law. Though it is not too late for that, I have really fallen in love with the field of risk and risk management, where there is a wide variety of options for what you can specialise in and what type of careers someone can peruse.

Professional Profile: I am currently a business administration major with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and risk management minor at USC. I am currently a member of our newly chartered Gamma Iota Sigma chapter on campus and will be the next diversity and inclusion officer (GammaSAID Chair) in the fall. In addition, I will be a part of the LavaLab for my last two semesters as I finish off my degree to create and develop products, services and tangibles for emerging markets with other fellow USC students.

As a finalist in the CICA essay contest, how has this helped develop your knowledge of the sector?

As a finalist in the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) essay contest, I gained a sufficient amount of knowledge and practice as I underwent this feasibility study with my partner Megan Moore.

It was great to be able to work together as most people would in a team to create a captive. In addition, participating in the captive made me realise there is a tremendous amount of research that goes into developing a captive and how we can prepare to conduct a sufficient amount of research if we were put in a real life situation.

My first impression of the industry was that the captive industry is a very creative one”

After graduating from university/college, what will be your next steps in your captive insurance career?

After graduating from USC I will be looking for a job in the insurance and risk management industry. Though I have not signed an offer with any company specifically, I am currently very interested in brokerage and underwriting.