Emerging Talent
From: Captive Insurance Times, May 30, 2018

Showcasing the new generation of captive professionals

Personal bio
Patrick, a native of Tennessee, lives outside of Nashville with his wife and daughter. When not engaged in captive insurance, Patrick enjoys exploring historic sites with his family and experimenting with all things culinary. Patrick is also an avid auto enthusiast, with a particular interest in classic German cars and motorcycles
 Professional profile
Patrick is the admissions coordinator for the Tennessee Captive Insurance Section where he guides new captives through the formation process. Before working in captive insurance, Patrick studied Political Science and Sociology at Middle Tennessee State University then earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of Tennessee, College of Law. He then worked in elder law where he developed strategic plans to help aging clients achieve their financial and medical needs. A family move to Nashville landed him in the captive industry.

What has been your biggest highlight in the captive industry so far?
I think the biggest highlight is that the captive industry actually helps people and businesses in a meaningful way. A company’s captive helps better manage risk by protecting its employees; allows the owner to focus on his or her business and not the varying requirements of sourcing traditional insurance; and generates savings that can be invested back to the company to hire more employees, make more widgets, or provide better service to their customers.

What/who have been your influences in the captive industry?
The industry in Tennessee has influenced me greatly. Both the captive regulators and private industry in Tennessee have a passion for captive insurance that is impossible to ignore, and I’m glad I have been part of its growth. I also realise the importance of younger professionals, such as myself, learning about the industry and its regulation to further promote its development.

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