From: Captive International

The friendship and sense of community around a common purpose is a huge part of what makes the captive insurance industry so very special, says CICA president Dan Towle.

A lot has happened in the last five decades, and I am grateful to be celebrating 50 years of progress for the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA). Our members and the captive insurance market represent a small sector of the overall insurance industry, but we draw great people who are energized by the valuable and challenging work captive insurance offers. They are also generous with their time and support for CICA and for the industry.

I want to thank our CICA members and captive association partners for continuing the spirit of CICA’s founders by coming together to collaborate and provide education and networking. Whether contributing to a whitepaper on captive best practices or an education session on the latest tax updates at the CICA International Conference, your time and dedication make it possible for CICA to offer industry-leading education.

This collaboration, within CICA’s domicile-neutral environment, brings together insights and perspectives from captive owners, captive managers, service providers and regulators from across the industry. I believe this cross-industry view is what has helped CICA keep a pulse on emerging issues and develop the education, resources and advocacy to help the captives industry thrive and stay strong.

CICA is leading the way by providing career support and development opportunities for young professionals across the industry.”

Dan Towle, CICA

Promoting industry growth and captive careers

As the captive insurance industry continues to grow, more job opportunities are created. At the same time, we are an aging workforce, and more professionals are preparing for retirement. We all need to play a role in promoting the rewarding and exciting careers that are available in captive insurance.