From: Captive International

The 2022 Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) annual conference has come at a vitally important point for the US captive market, according to Anne-Marie Towle (pictured), global captive solutions leader at Hylant.

The 2022 VCIA meeting is the first time in three years that people have met in person at this event; there will be a buzz about the conference as a result, Towle said to Captive International.

Risk managers and the way they operate is going to be dramatically different from the way it’s been in the past.”

Anne Marie Towle, Hylant

This face-to-face contact will be particularly important as delegates grapple with the nuances and challenges of the global hard market, she said. She expects captive owners and captive prospects to have much to discuss, from market opportunities to how they can finance risk in their captives to better access of the reinsurance markets.

“The ability to have face-to-face conversations, discuss programmes, make changes right there and then – all of that is invaluable in today’s market, because many experienced captive owners are extremely interested in how they can make changes and use their captive to its fullest extent,” Towle explained.

“Equally, organisations who are new to captives are trying to better understand their captive, secure direct access to some of these markets and also the regulators, captive managers and consultants.”