What drew you to the captive space?

I was recruited into the captive space at a time when there were many risk retention groups being set up to support the medical malpractice space. At the time, there was limited underwriting experience and my expertise was sought by the captive management company that hired me. I was asked to develop insurance administration and underwriting processes for the risk retention groups under management.

What do you like most about the insurance industry/the captive niche?

I really enjoy having the ability to develop and create specialized solutions for my clients. The industries of the clients I serve range across the spectrum, and each has a different exposure profile and different risk transfer and mitigation needs. Working with captive clients provides me with the opportunity to work with senior leaders within those organizations, many of whom are influential in their respective industries, and have interesting experiences from which I can learn. They work to utilize their captive partnerships to implement very strategic enterprise risk management objectives for the improvement of their business operations and overall customer experience. It is nice to see the work and collaboration from these partnerships be realized and have a meaningful impact. Another aspect of the captive industry that I really enjoy is the collaboration and support amongst our industry peers. Although many of us are competitors, everyone is working together for the betterment and growth of the captive industry.

How would you encourage other women to get involved and supported in achieving success in this space?

I would encourage other women to be open to seeking and accepting new opportunities. Keep things in perspective, and don’t be afraid of feeling uncomfortable in new situations, trust yourself and your gut. That uncomfortable feeling is fleeting, and the more you put yourself out there and learn, the more comfortable you become. In the captive space, a lot of times you are walking into new territory (we all are), so don’t be afraid to reach out to your peers for support. As uncomfortable as this may seem, know that there are a lot of women in the industry who are willing to support your success.