Conference FAQs

Recognizing that we are in unprecedented times due to the coronavirus pandemic, the schedule for conference-related activities, such as registration, is different this year. On this page we have provided an update from CICA President Dan Towle and answers to frequently asked questions.

Dec. 3 Conference Update from CICA President Dan Towle

Dear industry colleagues,

I hope you are well. Here in the US and globally we are going through very challenging times as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise. This is having varying impacts. Our industry is seeing record growth as the hard market and the pandemic effects are meeting in a perfect storm resulting in heightened interest and understanding of the importance of using captive insurance companies.

While that’s good news for our industry, it makes things very difficult for associations, especially when it comes to conference planning. Many industry conferences are being canceled, going virtual or being rescheduled to a later date. I have spoken with numerous industry stakeholders and taken much counsel from our members, sponsors and exhibitors regarding plans for our CICA 2021 International Conference, March 14-16 at the Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, Arizona. Read more…

Frequently Asked Questions CICA 2021 International Conference

General questions

Will CICA hold an in-person conference in 2021?

CICA is planning an in-person 2021 International Conference, March 14-16 at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, knowing that the situation with COVID-19 can change rapidly, we are not opening registration, or our hotel room block, at this time. We promise timely updates as we move forward the next few months leading up to the conference.

Will CICA switch to a virtual conference if the 2021 conference is canceled?

If we have to cancel, we will not offer a virtual conference. We are committed to providing the top-notch education experience that not only our members and attendees have come to expect, but the networking, exhibitor and sponsorship experiences as well.

In the event we do have to cancel, we plan to deliver the education that was scheduled for the March conference through an on-demand platform. We hope to provide this for a nominal fee or perhaps free to CICA members if appropriate sponsorship levels are reached.

So many conferences are going virtual, why wait to decide?

We have heard from many of you that you are burnt out on virtual events and are eager to meet again in person. We feel it would be premature to decide on canceling our conference, postponing or providing content in an alternate format at this time. It is too early to have all the information we need to make an informed decision. We also have an excellent professional association headquarter company as our partner and we can pivot quickly when we need to do so.

Should I book a hotel room as a placeholder?

You do not need to make any reservations at this time. CICA has a room block set aside for its attendees, and should we go forward with an in-person conference, this block will be available to you.

Registration Questions

All registrants must wear badges at all times with the company listed on their badge.

Please review our Diversity and Inclusion Statement – CICA Welcomes All and encourages Diversity and Inclusion at our conference!

When will I be able to register for the conference?

We are waiting to open registration until we know more information. CICA will provide updates as they come available.

Do I need to be a CICA Member to attend?

All are welcome at the CICA International Conference; attendees do not need to be CICA Members or even work in the captive insurance or insurance industry. Any interested member of the public may attend and register using the Non-Member Service Provider rate.

My company does not currently have a captive, but is exploring forming one. Can I attend the conference?

As a full-time risk manager at your company, you can register as a Captive Prospect. To qualify for this special rate, you must complete a questionnaire.

I work for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). May I attend?

IRS employees can register using the Government Employee (Regulator) rate.

Do you accept walk-in registrations?

Absolutely. While we encourage pre-registration to expedite the process, anyone may attend and register on-site at the event.

Is this conference only for those in the insurance industry?

CICA’s educational sessions and networking opportunities offer numerous innovative solutions across a myriad of industries. Any interested member of the public may attend and register under the Non-Member Service Provider rate.

I am interested in learning more about captive insurance. Would participation be appropriate for me, or will the content be too advanced?

Our programming includes sessions for all experience levels, including the novice. We often have curious members of the public register onsite. And our networking events are the perfect opportunity to learn from industry veterans! Any interested member of the public may attend and register using the Non-Member Service Provider rate.

Can professors or deans at colleges or universities attend?

If you are a full-time professor or dean at a college or university, you may register as an Academic. If you teach part time at a college or university and work full time in another industry, you are not eligible for the Academic rate.

I am an elected government official. Can I attend?

Elected officials can register using the Government Employee (Regulator) rate.

I am a member of the press. Can I attend?

Reporters or editors of a publication attending in that capacity can register using the complimentary Media category. If you are a member of the press in a sales capacity, you must register as a Service Provider.

Exhibitor and sponsor questions

If you haven’t read the general questions and answers please read those first.

Can I reserve an exhibit space?

Yes. If you have not already committed to exhibiting and would like to, please visit our Exhibitor & Sponsor Prospectus and contact Clair at We will provide updates as we know more about whether we can safely meet in person.

When can I select my booth?

We are working with the venue and exhibit services company on social distancing guidance and traffic flow. We will communicate more information regarding booth selection to exhibitors as soon as possible.

When can I select my sponsorship?

If you have not yet committed to one of our sponsorship opportunities and would like to secure your spot, please visit our Exhibit & Sponsor Prospectus and contact Clair at

Will exhibitor or sponsor benefits be reduced with these delays?

CICA can deliver sponsor benefits as outlined for an in-person conference.

What other sponsorship opportunities does CICA have?

We are grateful to our sponsors for their continued support. CICA is expanding opportunities for sponsorships year-round. Future webinars and other events will include sponsorship opportunities. Contact CICA at for more information.

I have already rolled my exhibit booth fee and/or sponsorship fee forward for the 2021 conference. What happens now?

We will reach out directly to exhibitors and sponsors as soon as we have more information regarding the 2021 conference. If the conference is canceled, we will present clear options at that time.

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