From: Best’s Review

This ‘hidden’ industry is often overlooked by college graduates, but it offers variety, financial security and the satisfaction of helping people when the unexpected happens.

When searching for a rewarding career, every professional should consider the insurance industry because of all of the benefits and opportunities it affords.

Unfortunately, however, this message can be difficult to advance. Consider you’re an insurance underwriter explaining your career to family or friends, whose response is eyes glazed over. Most people won’t understand, don’t care or will run away, thinking you’re about to sell them something.

Insurance often feels like a hidden industry, overlooked by college graduates and young professionals. Many people typically discover the field later in their careers. This is particularly unfortunate given the wealth of opportunities in an industry that, according to the Insurance Information Institute, is looking to fill about 400,000 positions “at all levels, and in all areas,” with a fresh pool of talent.

Admittedly, the industry can be overwhelming with its vast variety of roles that fall under the insurance umbrella. From marketing and claims management to risk analysis and sales, countless positions offer not only the ability to earn a good living, but the opportunity to challenge oneself and expand skill sets on a daily basis.