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"Our membership in CICA has been very beneficial to my company providing us with information we could not get anywhere else and providing us with a forum to discuss captive developments. The individuals I have met through CICA are experts in their fields and have definitely helped the success of our captive"
Mary Harrington-Director-Risk Management, Subaru of America, Inc.,
*CICA Member since 1998

“CICA has been an unwavering organization for the Captive industry that keeps its proverbial eye on the ball. I have been a member for a number of years and always seek out information first on the CICA website and with staff.  Their annual conference is the Gold Standard and always the best value for the investment, I look forward to it each year.”
Renea Louie, ARM, Director of Captive Management Services, Pro Group Captive Management
*CICA Member since 2008

“As a new CICA member, we have found our membership in CICA to pay many dividends. Our companies are devoted to high standards of board and officer professional education and best practices. I have found that CICA is the best choice as an association that shares these principles with us especially in the area of helping its members define and implement best practices. CICA provides an educational forum with its annual conference that all board members and officers who are seeking information to help them improve their performance and the operations of the captive should attend.”
John J. O'Brien JD, CLU,CPCU, Leader Care, Ltd.
*CICA Member since 2009


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