From: Captive International

Recruiting the best talent from universities has long been a battleground for companies, as they try to get the attention of the best and brightest of the annual crop of graduates.

Insurers as a whole have struggled with this in the past—the profession was seen as quite dry compared to others in the financial sector.

However, Renea Louie, chief operations officer of Pro Group, emphasises the strides made in promoting the industry within academic circles over the past decade. “I believe our industry has excelled in this area in the last decade and particularly the past five years,” Louie notes. She underscores the importance of visiting universities, sharing experiences, and providing comprehensive insights into captive insurance concepts and practices. This hands-on approach demystifies the industry and sparks interest among students.

Building strong relationships with university faculty and engaging in research projects related to captive insurance can further solidify these efforts. “Supporting research initiatives that advance industry knowledge and contribute to academic publications and conferences can grow our job talent pool exponentially,” Louie suggests.

These collaborations enhance academic understanding and create a pipeline of informed and interested graduates ready to enter the industry.