From: Captive International

The annual CICA International Conference is a key date in the industry’s diary. Four of those involved give their view on its impact and future evolution.

The annual CICA International Conference attracts nearly 600 professionals and decision-makers from across the captive insurance industry. All come together to network, learn, do business and share knowledge at the domicile-neutral event.

“CICA’s membership and its conference have grown and adapted to a point where the CICA International Conference has become the place where captive business happens,” says CICA president Dan Towle.

“It is exciting when you bring together such a talented group of professionals because these are the individuals who can share the best practices you need today and those who will shape the future of captive insurance. We are proud to host them annually at our conference.

“The CICA Conference is unique in several ways,” he adds. “It starts with our domicile-neutral environment. Captive owners know they can gather insights and network with a wide array of domiciles and service providers while also attending education sessions with industry’s leading experts.

“We bring together the best of the best from service providers and from all of the domiciles, which makes for a unique environment to conduct business—CICA brings together captive decision-makers like no other captive conference.”

I personally appreciate the value that CICA brings between conferences in making sure that they’re staying ahead of industry issues”

Anjanette Fowler, PNC Institutional Asset Management

CICA vice chair and 2022 Conference Program Chair Renea Louie, chief operations officer of Pro Group Captive Management Services, agrees that the conference is unique.

“CICA conferences are informative, innovative, and a comprehensive opportunity for independent thinking, learning, and a place to gather and discover proven strategies and emerging trends,” she says.

The conference has become a key hub for developing the next generation of talent for the industry.

“By connecting students and young professionals with today’s industry leaders we’re not only creating excitement about captive career opportunities, we are transferring knowledge to prepare the next generations of captive professionals,” says Towle. “At the same time, seasoned veterans can learn from the young professionals.

“By attracting a large cross-section of the industry to CICA’s domicile-neutral environment, the conference format facilitates networking that leads to creative solutions in ways other conferences can’t offer.

“We try to do more than share ideas and best practices; we show participants how they can use what they’re learning at the conference.”