Temple Of Captive Education
From: Captive Insurance Times, May 16, 2018

Michael Zuckerman, professor and academic director for enterprise riskmanagement at Temple University, discusses educating his students on captive insurance and breaks down his new teaching approach

Ned Holmes reports:What does the captive insurance course at Temple University involve? How is it unique?

The risk management and actuarial science majors in our programme have an opportunity to take a course called ‘Risk Financing’, usually in their junior or senior year, and this course introduces them to captives.

The students that are interested in the property and casualty industry have to take a capstone course known as ‘Managing Risk Across the Enterprise’. The capstone as it is evolving will focus 50 percent on an overview of enterprise risk management (ERM) and 50 percent on risk financing at a strategic level, primarily the use of a captive insurance company.

This new pedagogical approach will examine captives as a strategic risk management tool and connect this risk financing tool to ERM. The capstone will build on what they’re learning about captive insurance companies in the ‘Risk Financing’ course taking it to a higher level by examining it from a strategic perspective and learning how to use captives within the ERM framework. I am currently seeking a few industry partners to help me enhance the programme and provide data.

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