From: Captive Intelligence

Reinsuring title insurance is an opportunity for captive owners to expand utilisation and profit from a new line of insurance, according to Clinton Casabella, a title reinsurance expert in the United States, and SVP of business development at Grid151.

Casabella works with Westcor Specialty to sell title insurance to corporates and is now also working with captive owners to help them implement their own title reinsurance programmes.

When a real estate transaction happens, a set of documents, such as a deed and a mortgage are signed by either the buyer, the seller, or both, and those documents are then placed on public record.

“Those recorded documents are indexed and catalogued to a particular property, so when reviewed in reverse chronological order, become what’s known as the ‘chain of title,’” Casabella said, speaking on episode #103 of the Global Captive Podcast.