Claflin,  Feng, Louie, McElhiney and Towle recognized for advancing & advocating for  the captive industry.

MINNEAPOLIS ─ Feb. 24, 2020 ─ Captive Review’s 2020 Power 50 list includes several prominent members of the Captive Insurance Companies Association’s board of directors.

“This recognition of CICA’s board of directors reflects the strong infrastructure of talented professionals we have as an organization. It also shows how CICA’s influence continues to spread throughout the entire industry. As an organization, we will continue to advocate for the industry, develop best practices and engage the next generation of captive professionals,” 

Dan Towle, CICA President

The Power 50 list focuses on individuals who have been the biggest “movers and shakers” in the captive insurance industry over the past 12 months and who will continue to influence the industry’s direction and progress in the future. 

Captive professionals make it into the Power 50 for being visible, influential, generous and respected by their peers. The fact that there are so many board members of CICA on the Power 50 this year shows that the board of CICA obviously represents these qualities and demonstrates the importance of CICA as an organization to the captive community

Lauren Ingram, Captive Review Editor

Captive Review summarized their accomplishments in the industry:

Courtney Claflin

Courtney Claflin, #10, is the executive director of the University of California’s captive programs, which includes the development, implementation and management of all the university’s captives and captive activities. He’s also a well-known friendly face, often lending his voice to panels while also happily helping everyone.

Deyna Feng

Deyna Feng, #20, is the program director for Cummins’ captive program, running their single parent captive and running off programs for three offshore group captives. Prior to this, she was based in Beijing for almost five years and responsible for regional risk management in Asia Pacific, making her a leading voice in the worldwide captive community.

Renea Louie

Renea Louie, # 46, is the vice-president of captive manager Pro Group, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. She is also a regular speaker and commentator on industry issues.

Steve McElhiney

Steve McElhiney is #31. His career in the insurance industry spans more than two decades. He has extensive experience in insurance company financial issues and catastrophe management and run-off solutions. In late 2019, Artex Risk Solutions acquired EWI Re where McElhiney was president. 

Dan Towle

As president of CICA, Dan Towle, #12, organizes associations and fights on behalf of the captive industry. He always quickly responds to regulatory updates affecting captives while also planning a way to tackle it. He has spearheaded several important initiatives for the industry, including the NEXTGen program and the Amplify Women Task Force.

Two more CICA Board members, Joel Chansky & Robert “Skip” Myers, were previously inducted into Captive Review’s Hall of Fame.