Three key steps for building women leaders in insurance

Jul 17, 2019
Three key steps for building women leaders in insurance
From: EY, June 28, 2019

Studies show that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams when led inclusively and that firms deliver better financial results when they have women on their corporate boards and in the C-suite. So, why is it taking so long for women to belong equally?

pexels-photo-1282268To truly drive innovation and stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world, insurance leaders cannot afford to overlook the power of diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) in thinking, experiences, ideas, backgrounds and abilities.

Here are three actionable ways to build the next generation of women leaders in insurance:

1. Improve college and market recruitment and hiring

Today’s college graduates are surrounded by diversity, and they expect to enter workplaces that embody those same values. For the insurance industry to attract new employees who have the creative, technology and customer skills needed to build the insurance workplace of the future, insurance companies must demonstrate their commitment to diversity, as manifested throughout the formal recruitment process, as well as leveraging personal relationships.

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