Mentorship Program

The CICA Mentorship Program provides young and mid-career professionals the chance to broaden their career opportunities by receiving counsel, advice and support from seasoned industry veterans with a wide range of skill sets and positions.

Program Details

The CICA Mentorship Program brings talented and motivated people together! It provides opportunities for CICA members from all levels of experience to build their career skills and be a part of an energetic movement to develop future captive industry professionals. Mentees, generally young and midcareer professionals, can broaden their career opportunities by receiving counsel, advice and support from seasoned industry veterans from a wide range of skill sets and positions. Mentors can facilitate their own professional growth by strengthening their coaching and leadership skills while giving back to the industry.

We are looking forward to connecting more mentors and mentees in the coming year, so be sure to sign up below. You must be a current CICA member or domicile or association partner to participate.



Apply to be a mentor or mentee



Mentees review available mentors and select a few to contact



Mentee contacts potential mentor to establish communication schedule

Mentoring: What is it Exactly?

Mentoring is ongoing guidance during which one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.

However, it is different from a number of other learning situations as it is a relationship between two people, and this is highlighted in most formal definitions of mentoring, e.g. a protected relationship where experimentation, exchange and learning can occur, and skills, knowledge and insight can be developed.

Mentor Benefits

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Mentors can have an important affect on the mentee’s career and perhaps even their life! You will be able to share the knowledge and insights that you have gained from your own and others’ experiences with a young person who is aspiring to be a successful professional in your field.

  • Allows you to use your knowledge and expertise to advance the next generation of captive professionals
  • Strengthens your coaching and leadership skills
  • Reminds you how to listen actively rather than passively
  • Strengthens your interpersonal relationship skills
  • Allows you to give back — to both the organization and the mentee

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Mentee Benefits

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Mentees can explore career paths while gaining skills and advice to accelerate their career growth. The lessons, connections, and opportunities that your mentor provides can be invaluable.

  • Increase your self confidence and relationship building skills
  • Learn about types of jobs and career opportunities in the industry
  • Gain perspective from a professional, rather than personal point of view
  • Receive advice to help you navigate problems and opportunities
  • Learn to accept feedback in important areas such as communication and leadership as well as technical skills
  • Grow your professional network

Become a Mentee

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