Kristen Peed, director of corporate risk management at CBIZ and Captive Owner of Rockside Insurance Company, Inc., is a passionate advocate for captives and for CICA. Despite her impressive 25-year career in the risk management industry, Kristen is a relative newcomer to the captive space. She originally joined CICA to explore the multitude of benefits that captives can offer her company, CBIZ, and to master conveying this knowledge to her senior management team. CICA has proven to be a valuable resource, offering her access to a vast network of service providers who have been instrumental in guiding her every step of the way. One of Kristen’s favorite aspects of CICA membership is the annual CICA Conference. To her, this event is more than just a networking opportunity; it’s a platform that provides invaluable educational insights on captives and how they can be innovatively utilized. Kristen’s involvement in CICA goes beyond the annual conference. She has actively participated in CICA Amplify Women events, which have allowed her to engage with other remarkable women in the industry. Kristen participated on a panel alongside three other inspiring women at the CICA conference. She is committed to promoting diversity and empowering women in the captive insurance field. Her journey as a CICA member has played a pivotal role in expanding her understanding of how captives are structured, operated, and employed in innovative ways. Kristen is confident her CICA membership has significantly enhanced her ability to demonstrate the value of captives to CBIZ. This ultimately contributes to her professional growth and the success of her organization.