Total number of active captives
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Number of active captives (pure)
Number of individual cells/cell participants
Gross written premium for all captives
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Total number of active captives, as of 12/31/2018
Types of captives allowed
  • Single parent captives
  • Protected cell/segregated portfolio companies
Number of full-time employees in captive regulatory department
Premium tax rate
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Premiums to surplus
As per the Solvency II Directive, Directive 2009/138/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.
Minimum capital (broken out by type of captive)

Minimum requirements in accordance with Solvency II, €2.5 million or €3.7 million for general business (depending on the classes of business authorised); or €3.7 million for long-term business.

Applicable Acts/Enabling Legislation
Financial Services (Insurance Companies) Act of 1987; Financial services (Insurance Companies)(Solvency II Directive) Act 2015; Protected Cell Companies Act 2001.
Captive Administrator’s name and longevity in position and also within department
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Time given for application process
SLA 6 months; average 2-3 months
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Address and contact information of Regulatory Department
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Website Address