From: Captive International

The captive insurance industry must act now to attract and secure potential future talent if it is to build on its present success and achieve its full potential.

That is the view of Anne Marie Towle, chief executive officer of Hylant Global Risk and Captive Solutions, speaking in advance of the CICA conference this year.

She said the company was very proud of sponsoring the College and University student essay contest at CICA, along with helping to promote the next generation of professionals entering the captive insurance industry.

She stressed that, for Hylant, this is a focus for the company as it approaches its 90th anniversary of being family-owned and privately held and as it plans for its fifth generation of leadership at the firm.

She said that Hylant’s values go hand in hand with creating career opportunities not just for college and university students, but also for all professionals and supporting professionals in seeking additional education support resources to be able to do their job and be best at what they do.

Towle underlined the fact that in her view it is extremely important to get that next generation into the world of captives.