From: Canadian Underwriter

It might be easier to attract recruits to insurance if P&C professionals reminisced on what keeps them in the industry, rather than voicing the age-old adage of how they ‘fell in‘ to the profession, experts at Reuters’ Future of Insurance Conference shared on Thursday.

Doing so can help attract — and avoid turnover — from recruits in other industries who have the core skills required for a career in insurance, said panellists at the Toronto event.

“When you say, ‘I fell into the insurance industry,’ how does that excite people? How does that make people want to ask more about what the insurance industry is all about?” Luke Lichty, head of commercial and specialty insurance at Everest Insurance said.

“As leaders of this industry, we stuck around, even if we did fall into it,” he added. “So, let’s talk about that.”

When it comes to recruitment, insurance lines can be highly specialized. That means no two brokerages or insurers are looking for the same levels of experience from their hires.