Karen Hsi is the program manager of captive insurance programs for the University of California Office of the President. The university has several captives. As program manager, Ms. Hsi helps to develop and manage the university’s captives and their activities.

Working with the university’s executive director of captive programs, Ms. Hsi plays a key role in strategically managing the university’s captive programs, as well as designing new strategies to utilize the captive insurance platform to more efficiently finance the university’s risks.

What did you do before joining the University of California?

I have a pretty interesting story on how I came into the insurance field. I started out at the University of California (UC) by being a student at UC Berkeley. I interned within the UC Office of the President, the business, fiscal headquarters for the UC system. As a student, I got insight into risk and insurance right off the bat.

My first job was in environmental health and safety, which was more of the loss mitigation portion of risk services. As an intern within environmental health and safety, I was very involved with creating best practices and developing loss mitigation/safety programs and methods for the university campuses. That was more or less my introduction to the world of risk management. After I graduated, they offered me a position within risk management under the general liability sector, where I was involved in building insurance programs.