From: Captive Insurance Times
Issue 177

As the captive insurance industry’s talent race heats up, CICA has made moves to lesson the blow as a generation of older professionals leave the industry.

At times, the hurdles of the captive insurance industry’s talent diagnosis can cause an innate weariness for those in the industry.

It’s a topic that is discussed at nearly every single captive insurance focused event, and recent statistics show that there are expected to be 400,000 job openings in the insurance industry by 2020. While captive insurance takes a smaller portion of that pie, it is still concerning for the industry that such a shortage exists, with a solution as yet to apparate.

However, the fallout of the captive insurance industry’s ‘talent crisis’ (as it has been dubbed) is not a foregone conclusion and, in June, the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) unveiled its young and new professionals task force—an attempt to encourage career development and networking opportunities for young people wishing to enter the captive industry.

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