MINNEAPOLIS ─ July 25, 2016 ─ Learn how Pleiades Insurance Co. Ltd. has consistently responded to the needs of its parent company ─ Subaru of America, Inc., by growing both the range of its insurance coverages and its value to shareholders at the Captive Insurance Companies Association’s (CICA) webinar at 12:00-1:00 p.m. Central Time, Thursday, Aug. 25. This is the third webinar in CICA’s 2016 Webinar Series.

Mary Harrington, director of Risk management at Subaru of America (and Pleiades director and vice president); Karin Landry, managing partner for Spring Consulting Group; and Greg Myers, executive managing director of Beecher Carlson, will discuss Pleiades’ strategic growth over time, its robust investment policy, the addition of non-traditional coverages such as employee benefits, and how the captive’s highly effective long-term relationship with its captive manager has evolved to support Pleiades growth.

Harrington attributes her captive’s success to Subaru’s value for thinking outside the box and commitment to Pleiades as an integral part of its risk management program. Pleiades is wholly owned by Subaru of America Inc. and was established in 1988.

Pleiades’ record of success earned CICA’s 2016 Outstanding Captive Award. This Award recognizes creative uses of a captive, successful management of net results, usefulness to its owners, prevailing over difficult times or situations, and building a positive reputation among rating agencies, regulators and colleagues in the captive industry.