CICA: 50 Years of Progress

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Celebrating 50 years of innovation — and still driving positive change

Special thanks to Captive International and parent company Newton Media for the publication of this commemorative 50th anniversary book. The stories reflect CICA’s accomplishments and demonstrate a focus on a future filled with positivity, new talent and innovative ideas as the sector looks to drive positive change.

We have shared select stories here. The complete digital edition with 40+ articles offering unique insights for captive and risk management professionals is available online from Captive International.

Driving Positive Change

This anniversary edition is a celebration of CICA’s past achievements and its ongoing commitment to driving positive change in the captive insurance industry by instigating cutting-edge initiatives and innovations.

Drawing together thoughts from CICA’s leaders and board members past and present, the publication reflects on the organisation’s humble beginnings in 1972 and celebrates and shines a light on its important ongoing work representing the industry. Pulling this publication together revealed many fascinating insights—the overall themes were of innovation, forward-thinking and progress.

From encouraging new talent into the industry and driving forward diversity and inclusion initiatives, to changing perceptions of the industry and implementing best practices, CICA is at the heart of almost everything good about the industry. In addition, a range of experts offer expert opinion and technical insights on issues extending from taxation and regulation to domicile selection.

The end result is a 50th anniversary edition that represents an invaluable record of captive insurance development and future expectations. We look forward to reporting on another 50 years of evolutionary ideas and innovation, which will only serve to enhance the sector CICA represents.

– From Captive International

  • Enhancing the Captive Culture
    Dan Towle at CICA 2022 International Conference

    The friendship and sense of community around a common purpose is a huge part of what makes the captive insurance industry so very special, says CICA president Dan Towle.

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  • 50 Years of CICA – and a Vision for the Future
    50 Years of CICA - and a Vision for the Future

    CICA has grown in the past 50 years to be a unique and powerful voice for the industry. We explore the progress made so far and what the future holds.

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  • Nurturing the Next Generation: CICA is Leading the Way
    Inspiring the next generation

    With its eyes set on the future, CICA is busy nurturing the next generation of captive insurance leaders. Five of those involved in its initiatives give their views on the progress made so far.

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  • Fostering Future Talent and Innovation
    Three Women Collaborating - Fostering Future Talent and Innovation

    Studies show diverse organizations are more innovative and outperform their peers by 15 percent. We explore how CICA’s Amplify Women initiative is creating strong networks and making a difference in the captive insurance industry.

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  • Marketing the Captive Industry: Why Best Practices are Key
    Marketing the Captive Industry Why Best Practices are Key

    Captives need to showcase their value, and a major component of this is adhering to and sharing best practices, as eight industry experts explain.

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  • The CICA Student Essay Contest: Helping Shape the Future of the Captive Insurance Industry

    The CICA College Student Essay Contest, sponsored by Strategic Risk Solutions, is an important part of CICA’s drive to nurture new talent. Its founders, sponsors and recent winners give their views on its impact.

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  • How a Hard Commercial Insurance Market is Driving Demand for Captives
    CICA 50th How a Hard Commercial Insurance Market Cover

    The hardening insurance market—amplified since COVID-19—is driving even more organizations to look at captive insurance solutions as market pressures increase. Six industry experts give their views.

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  • Shaping the Future of the Industry
    CICA 2022 International Conference Opening Session & Keynote Address

    The annual CICA International Conference is a key date in the industry’s diary. Four of those involved give their view on its impact and future evolution.

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  • Captives and Emerging Risks
    Hand Typing on Keyboard - CAPTIVES AND EMERGING RISKS

    A growing number of emerging risks are being written into captives. Four industry leaders discuss how the sector is responding—and what the future will look like.

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  • The Pandemic and its Effects on the Captive Insurance Industry
    Person With Mask Reading Newspaper on Train - The Pandemic and its Effects on the Captive Insurance Industry

    The captive insurance industry has been highly responsive to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has cast a spotlight on the advantages of captive insurance and brought many more organizations to the table. Four industry insiders give their views on the pandemic so far—and what lies ahead.

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  • Ready… Set… Change!
    Woman Kneeling to Start a Race - Ready... Set... Change!

    Acknowledging the success of the captive insurance industry and the important role that CICA has played in it, Nick Hentges of Captive Resources says we must embrace change and look to the youth to shape the industry’s future.

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